Andalucia impressions #3

Today I`m going to show you my latest selection of holiday snapshots! One of my mustdo`s in Andalucia was to visit the beautiful city Ronda. It`s very famous for it`s dramatic escarpments and views, the deep gorge running through the heart of the city and the Puente Nuevo bridge. On this spectacular bridge is a small room which was used as a torture chamber for the prisoners. After this they killed them by throwing them out of the window, into the deep cliff. Ieks! But Ronda was just as beautiful as I expected. And the shopping was also great! You can mainly find small boutiques and local shops here instead of the big stores. So I bought two very nice outfits, for a really low price! I`m going to show these ones later on! We also made some photos in front of the Puente Nuevo bridge, today I`m going to show you one small preview. More photos are coming next week!

On our last day we wanted to visit the Gargante verde, a spectacular gorge, dug out by the stream of Pinar. We started this hike with amazing views, however without knowing that we had come very close to the nesting area of huge vultures! And they were clearly not amused with that. About 4 to 5 huge vultures came really close. Very quietly we walked on a bit further. But they kept flying around, very ominous! One moment they came so close that we both dived to the ground, with a stone in our hand in case they would attack us. We were both shitting our pants, it was really scary! We were without a guide and we didn`t know how dangerous it was, so we went back and decided not to go any further. Happy we are still alive! In the end it became clear that this hike was only accessible with permission and not in this time of the year. Ooops! We asked the owner of our hotel and she told us that it was possible to see one part of the gorge and she explained how to get there. Finally we were at the right spot but there was no sign of a footpath. In the end it turned out that there wasn`t a footpath at all, we had to cross the river! But the river deepened very fast! The water was ice cold and there were moments that we needed to swim, with our stuff above our heads. Still no sign of a gorge. After a while I panicked a bit. What if this way is also the wrong way? All that trouble for nothing.. But then we saw increasingly more rocks in the water and on the sides. After that incredible hike we finally reached a deep gorge, and it was sooo worth it!

What do you think of the photos?

Ronda brug 3Ronda brugRonda brug 4 grootCloseup 4kleinRonda parkjeGargante verde wandeling 5Kloof 3Kloof 10

Gargante verde gier

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