Army green and mixed prints

You won`t find me mixing prints often, cause in fashion I`m not chaotic at all (unfortunately that can be different in normal life) so mostly every single detail need to be perfectly styled for me. The only prints I usually mix are in black and white, because in that way I make sure the prints always kind of match. But today I tried something different, I wore my army green printed skirt with a long blouse with another pattern in a lighter colour. And that makes the outfit just a bit more playful and fun. Once someone told me that I could try to be a bit more messy in my looks, that the colours of the earrings don`t have to be exactly the same as my shoes. So that was what I did today and the look is indeed more playful. But I guess I still prefer the perfectly styled look. And in the end there`s just one thing that matters and that`s that you feel comfortable and awesome while you wear it!

What do you think of today`s look? Do you sometimes mix prints?

Skirt – Zara
Blouse – Zara
Over-the-knee boots – Sacha

DetailStaan 3Staan 4bStaan 1 Zitten 1

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