Black lace


Being overdressed is not a bad thing at all. What`s the worst scenario? That you`re the best-dressed person in the room?
Yes, some people call me overdressed. Personally I don`t think I`m overdressed at all, but I do like to  dress nicely every day. You`ll never see me in sweatpants or in a jeans with sneakers. Maybe that`s why I sometimes get comments about my outfits being more for a party than for a normal weekday.  But hey! Every new day is a party, isn`t it?

Today I`ll show you an outfit that you might not expect from me because it`s all black and grey and a bit casual. Nevertheless the black lace kimono is a perfect statement piece. It gives the look a special touch. It`s unique, sexy and edgy and makes the look just that more special. I bought it last week on Nelly during the sale and a day later it was already sold out. I`m so happy with this “all seasons and any time item”! What do you think of the outfit?

Black lace kimono – Nelly
Jeans – H&M
Booties – Supertrash

Wietske Sluiter is the owner of "Eat fashion every day" She will inspire people with her personal style and fashion inspiration. She loves fashion & beauty, interior, travelling, high heels, lipstick & hats.

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