Blue pants and leopard print

Flattering and fun, this look has such a summery feel and is still warm enough for during the cooler days or nights. You`ve probably seen these bright blue pants before, but then styled differently. It`s the jumpsuit I wore last month, the one with the off-shoulder. Though I certainly prefer to wear the jumpsuit on it`s own quite a bit, once in a while I like adding something more to the look. Something that makes me able to wear the jumpsuit more often; on different occasions or with different temperatures.

After so many days, or should I say weeks of rain, I almost forgot how the warm sunbeams felt on my skin. Since I bought the jumpsuit I wanted to wear it all the time, but every time it was too cold for it. So this time I decided to wear it with my leopard print poncho. And exactly when we started to photograph this look the sun finally claimed back its’ place in the sky. So I could even take off the poncho! And last days we we`re very lucky with the weather! But being able to wear the jumpsuit also on cooler days, or to take it with me during long summer nights on terraces in case it gets colder.. well, that`s an invention!

What do you think of the way I styled the jumpsuit?

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