This summer I spent 2 months in Fiji. It`s been a while since then, but I wanted to share a small selection of my pictures.
Before I went to Fiji, my English was not so good and I was always too shy to speak. I wanted to improve my English.
I did a short course here in the Netherlands, but I realised that it`s not the best way for learning English because you can`t practice in real life.
So I decided to learn English in a place where I must use it.

After doing a lot of research, I found the perfect place to learn English: FIJI!
The place with the best white beaches of the world, the clearest sea, many palms and beautiful waterfalls.
Yeah, I thought: that is my place! Where can you learn better than in a place where the sun is shining every day?
Everyone was asking me: Why Fiji? England is a short flight away and you are going to the other side of the world? ‘Hmm stupid question’ I thought by myself. 😉

So I flew to a whole other part of the world. I stayed with a great homestay family and went to school 5 days a week. In the weekends I enjoyed the weather and went to other beautiful islands.
I was surrounded by such friendly people. Every day I felt happy and relaxed because everyone was like that! “Fiji time” that was what everyone was saying the whole day.
When you walk on the street; people are all saying “Bula” (Hello) and you can talk with everyone on the street, it is like one big happy family!

My English has become much better! After those 6 weeks, my boyfriend Peter came to Fiji. Together it was even better than on my own. We travelled to Taveuni Island, a beautiful island where the movie “Blue Lagoon” was filmed and to Nanuya Island, a perfect romantic island.

I look back on a great time..


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