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Looking for an easy DIY that will literally brighten your day? Then this might me something for you…

When we bought our house 1,5 years ago, I decided to make a lot of stuff myself. On Pinterest I found a million cool and easy DIY projects. Like an amazing wooden coffee table, a bookshelf, some lanterns, a wine rack and much more. So I got seriously excited and couldn`t wait to start and show my artworks to everyone. I had spend hours looking for the best projects and the right materials. But soon enough I learned that it was not easy at all. My “art” looked like a complete failure. How can they make it look like it`s not hard at all, like it`s a 10 minute job that can`t go wrong?

So I learned my lesson and now I only try things of which I think that even I can make, like the most easy things. Or when I can only find the complex projects, I use them for inspiration instead and make my own easy version of it.

One of those DIY’s is this industrial lamp. The original idea, which I found on Pinterest is very different, but since I saw that idea I had my own lamp already in my mind. And I`m happy with it. This one is really easy, you don`t have to be creative at all. You only need a few materials.

What do you need:
1. Thick robe (I bought this robe in a garden centre for 3 euro’s)
2. An industrial looking wheel (You can buy it at a construction market or interior shop. I bought mine for 3 euro’s in sale at Xenos)
3. A vintage deco lamp (You can also find them at construction markets or interior shops. I bought mine at Xenos for 9 euro’s)

That`s it! The only thing you have to do is hang the wheel on the wall as shown on the photos, knot the robe around the wheel and on the cable of the lamp. But watch out, the lamb needs to be supported, you can easily do that with the robe. When the lamb doesn`t hang tight, you can safely turn the lights on!

If you have any questions, just ask! Good luck! What do you think of this DIY? Would you like to see more of them?


Lampje Lampje 2 Lampje 4 Lampje 5

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