Japan impressions #1

Traveling around the world? I rather eat my way through it!

Ever since I had my first Japanese meal for the first time in my life, I often dreamed about going to Japan. For me one of the best things about traveling is being able to try new kinds of food and connecting with the locals through taste. So when Peter suggested I should go with him on his business trip, I had already said yes before he could even finish his sentence! And now we`re back, with lots of photos and memories… We had a very full program, so we couldn`t see as much as I was hoping to see, but at least we now have a good reason to go back! We spend our days mainly driving through the beautiful landscapes and visiting many nurseries. In the meanwhile we passed some nice villages, stayed in a typical Japanese hotel and ate food we would never have thought of eating. Like the brains of the crab, the heart of the shark and of course Fugu, the bit risky but o-so delicious puffer fish!

Our best stop was in Shirikawa-go, a traditional Japanese village surrounded by amazing landscapes. We stayed at a historic Gassho-style house, an old traditional farm where we slept on the floor. Maybe not our most comfortable night, but certainly the most special one! Another night we stayed at a hotel near the mount Fuji. In the morning we walked through the gardens where we had the most beautiful view on Japanese highest mountain!

So today I`ll give you an photo impression of these very special moments we had during our trip. Next time I`ll show you part 2, which is all about Kyoto, with his beautiful temples, cute little streets and beautiful geisha`s!

Have you ever been to Japan? Or are you planning to go?


Traditioneel dorpKyoto 2IMG-20160515-WA0012DSC08022Traditioneel dorp 3Traditioneel dorp 2IMG-20160513-WA0004Mount Fuiji 3Mount Fuiji


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