Japan impressions #2

Last week I told you about our journey through Japan. I also shared my first selection of Japan photos. Now it`s time to show you the second and latest part. Today it’s all about the cultural heart of Japan; Kyoto. Considering we just had 1,5 days to spend in Kyoto, we had to make some choices. And trust me this was not easy, given our list of things to do in Kyoto was endless. Kyoto is such a beautiful city with many hotspots. Did you know that Kyoto has about 2000 temples and shrines? Yup, no wonder that 1,5 days was far to short! So maybe we missed 1 or 2.. But we had an awesome time and we managed to see some beautiful spots and to feel the Japanese atmosphere. One of my must do`s when I`m traveling is to visit the local food market. These are always the most bustling and lively places, packed with locals. Here you get the real atmosphere of the city. The first thing I noticed at the Kyoto food market was how very tidy and orderly it was. Many markets in other countries are chaotic and don`t look very hygienic, but here it was the total opposite. So no doubt or I would dare to try something to eat!

Sannensaka and Ninenzake were my favourite areas of Kyoto. These streets still have the traditional wooden storefronts and cute little tea houses. If you stroll down tot he end of the little streets you find one of the 2000 temples, the Kiyomizudera.

Another must-visit is the bamboo grove. It’s like you`re entering another world and that in the middle of the city! But one advice.. Go there very early, you don`t want to share that moment with a thousand other tourists!

Oh and did I tell you about the toilets? Some opened when you walked in, they all have heated seats, many different options to clean your behind and some even play some music. So going to the toilet was already a fun experience! What a difference compared to the “toilets” (in other words: holes in the ground) in China!

Oops, am I talking to much? There are so many stories, hard to stay brief! If you`re also going and you would like to know more about Japan or his hotspots, just leave a reaction and I`m happy to tell you more about it. What do you think of the photos?


Kyoto straatje 2 Kyoto brug Kyoto bamboe 2 Kyoto avondje Kyoto

Red templeGolden temple boomstronk

Golden temple 3

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