Lace days

I can`t stop myself from wearing this beautiful boho lace off-shoulder dress. Luckily this dress is suitable to wear in different ways and on different occasions. It`s just that I really like to vary with clothing, so I always try to wear one item in as many ways as possible. Sometimes accessories can do so much for an outfit. But with dresses it`s a special case. Most of my dresses I wear both as a top, a skirt and of course as a dress. So you can easily create a total new look. A few months ago I posted this very same item as a top, on a light turquoise printed jeans. But today I felt like wearing it just where it`s intended for. As a dress. Today I also added some turquoise to the look. It`s just that I really like the combination of anthracene and turquoise. The colour turquoise also makes the look just a bit more boho I think. So with the small black leather belt with turquoise stone, the turquoise jewellery and the turquoise wedges for me the outfit was complete.

What do you think of today`s look? The dress is by the way still in sale in a few sizes, 71% off!

Off shoulder dress – NLY Icons (Nelly)
Belt – Stradivarius
Sandals – Newlook

Closeup 2Gras 3 Boomstam staand 1 Closeup 1 Gras 2

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