Maxi dress

Everyone knows them, those kind of dresses that you love so much that you actually want to wear them over and over again. That`s exactly the story of this dress and me. The dress has beautiful unique details, like the half open back and sides. So wearing a bra with this dress is not perfect. But a sticky backless bra or a bikini underneath it is the answer! Or even comfy without bra. everything is possible, especially now they expect that no-bra-days are going to be the new summer trend. Uhum.

As you can see the sand dunes are my new favourite photo location. With the great weather I`ve been coming here more and more often, because it really feels like a vacation spot. Making some outfit photos whilst enjoying a picknick is exactly the right combination! What do you think of the outfit?

Dress – B-more (Stoer&Chique)

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