Mesh it up

Last week I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and mother-in-law. Like often I knew exactly what I was looking for. I know I should not do that, because according to Murphy`s law you don`t find it when you`re looking for something, you only find it when you`re not specifically looking for something. But the thought of a flared voluminous skirt already popped up in my head before I thought about Murphy 😉 All day I was thinking that Murphy was right again, I found 2 nice skirts and they were both sold out in my size (Seriously? Why is my size always gone?) But then I checked my Insta and saw that Nikkie Plessen just posted a new photo with a really cool skirt! The skirt was not entirely featuredin the photo but I wanted to take a gamble and at the end of the day we went to her shop and found out that the skirt was exactly the one I was looking for! Thank you Nikkie, goodbye Murphy! 🙂

So now I`m a proud owner of this gorgeous skirt. It is tight at the waist and has a voluminous silhouette. I`m also fan of the girly tulle skirts, but this is just more a skirt you can wear every day. (The tulle skirt is still in my head, hope to find that the next shopping day!) What do you think of the photo location? When I drove to work saw some pallets and thought immediately how cool that would look on the photos. I love old wood, in my interior, in my garden and now also on my photos! Hope you like it!

Skirt – Nikkie Plessen
Dress as top – Glamorous

Photolocation: Hol & Van Steenis pallets

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