Milan – Red leopard

Today I`ll show you the latest outfit we shot in Milan. Can you believe that I bought the skirt for 10 euros? I still can`t! At this moment the skirt is sold out in red, but they still have it in grey leopard. For a few extra euros, but still cheap. I am also wearing the Milano shoes I told you about earlier. They’re a part of my wardrobe for over 5 years and I`m still crazy about them. True love will always stay! 😉

These photos are also made on Duomo`s roof. It was funny, because we were making photos and a whole group of asian girls saw us and started making photos of me too! Like I was a famous person or something, haha! It was a funny moment! So I smiled into their cameras as well! 😛

By the way,  I noticed that the Italians are outstanding dressers.  Even de male sellers at Zara looked perfectly styled. I`m guessing that the men are judged by their appearance over there. The only real fashionblooper I saw in Milan is women still wearing leggings or tights as if they’re pants, ugh! I keep it more decent by always adding a skirt!;) Hope you like the outfit!

Skirt – Glamorous (Nelly)

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