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You’re familiar with those two voices in your head when you need to make a decision? I`ll give you a good advice for free! Remember one thing: “The little voice in your head that says: “Buy the shoes”, that should be the one you need to always listen to!”

Today I`m showing you my new “Milano shoes”! 5 years ago I was in Milan when I bought the perfect shoes. Shoes I, to this day, am still wearing to a lot to parties and dinners. I still know precisely where the shop was at that time. So I was truly happy when thinking of revisiting that shop to buy new perfect “Milano shoes” once again. But the shop was gone! NO! I checked it again and again and searched for the store in the entire street for about 3 or 4 times but it was really gone.

While I was thinking about that shop I walked past a store with many edgy chic booties. Exactly what I was looking for! To be honest, I was looking for flat booties for over three years. I just have one pair of flat booties and – it is really embarrassing – there was a hole of  a few inches in the sole! But every time I went looking for new flat booties I came back with another pair of high-heeled ones.
Now I finally found the perfect flat ones. Normally booties like that are pretty pricey but these ones were 50% off! I knew immediately that it was a match made in shoe heaven! As you might know me, when I have one of these fashion obsessions I need to wear that item all the time. So I suppose there is a really good chance that you`ll see them more often on EFED.
Boots – Giancarlo Paoli (amazing brand!)

Wietske Sluiter is the owner of "Eat fashion every day" She will inspire people with her personal style and fashion inspiration. She loves fashion & beauty, interior, travelling, high heels, lipstick & hats.


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    waaw, dat zijn echt hele mooie laarsjes. <3
    X diana.

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