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“Shoe love is true love”

I would like to introduce you to my newest summer items! Both with the colour combination cobalt blue and turquoise. That colour combination has been my favourite for years! Those colours always screams summer to me. So when I saw these beautiful sandals my thoughts immediately sailed off to dreamy destinations. Do you know the brand Aldo? I didn`t, until I found many shops with that name in London. They have so many beautiful shoes that I realised one moment at the register that I was holding my breath, secretly waiting for the moment that they would say: Congratulations! You are our visitor number 1000000, so that means that you get 1 minute of free shopping! I already started thinking about the items I would pick when that would happen. I think every girl has those dreams right? I bought the sandals I had my eyes on and I was told that they used to have a bag with the same colours on it, but that it was sold out. Just when we went to the last shoe shop my eyes caught something…. Many bags with exactly the same colour combination! So I just had to buy the bag too. They fits perfectly together! And I can wear the bag also with my furry friend, the jacket I showed you earlier here. One side of the bag is turquoise and the other side is blue. Can`t wait to wear the shoes and bag!

Wietske Sluiter is the owner of "Eat fashion every day" She will inspire people with her personal style and fashion inspiration. She loves fashion & beauty, interior, travelling, high heels, lipstick & hats.

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