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If the shoe fits…

Shoes, can you own too many of them? That’s a definite no for me! Who is with me? I guess at least 99%! Sooo, it was time again to buy a new pair! Since we are in the middle of the summer I stopped looking at summer sandals and started looking at ankle boots. The same with clothes. I always start early with looking at new season collections. It just feels like the mannequins in the shopping windows are beckoning me to come, to buy all those new fashionfoodies! Despite of the fact that I want the summer to last forever. The seasons are just the perfect excuse to buy something new again every season. (Not that any of us needs an excuse to shop!)

My newest shoe obsession arrived this morning, and from the moment I unpacked them and put them in the old cabinet, I couldn`t stop looking at these beauties! Yes, my new shoes all get the opportunity to prank in the old cabinet in the livingroom for a few days. After these days they move upstairs, to the normal shoe closet. I probably sound a little obsessed, but you know me, I get really excited about shoes! 😉

Aren`t these red foodies just beautiful? For one small moment I doubted whether I should go for the black or red ones. But I think I already choose black shoes too often, it’s the easiest choice, since they fit with almost everything. So this time I chose for the real eye catchers! I love the detail with the edgy buckle and the elegant heel. What do you think of them? Are you already looking for new season collections?

PS. What do you think of our babysit doggy? Isn`t he super cute?!

Ankleboots – Sacha

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