Oceanic blue

Uno è mai finita- o mal con un abito maxi!
* One is never over- or under dressed in a maxi dress


Today I will show you another outfit we shot in Italy.
On our way back from the lovely San Gimignano, we came across many fields with haystacks, vineyards and lavendel fields. We definitely needed to make photos there! Even though there was no parking place over there, we decided to park the car on the field. The haystackswere higher than I thought and every time  I moved the stack started rolling! But it was very nice, we were very happy with that place but after a while… The farmer came back and saw us in his fields, with our car. Angrily he came after us, oops! We made a run for it and made it just in time. And most importantly: we have the photos!

On the photos I`m wearing my new blue maxi dress. As I predicted early May, my closet is indeed full of maxi`s again! And there are still soooo many beauties in the shops!  I wear them with my blue sandals.

Maxi dress – H&M
Sandals – Samoa

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