Outfit recap May

June is here! That means that it`s time for a recap of all the outfits I wore in May. The month flew by and when I put all looks together I noticed that I just had 5 looks, instead of 6! When you see all those looks together it looks like it was summer weather all the time! That was not the case, I was just very lucky every time we decided to make some outfit photo`s! I`m really happy that we have finally been able to say goodbye to the big sweaters and hairy jackets. They are really nice for winter, but I was sooo ready for the season wardrobe change! I`m really looking forward to this month! There are so many nice things on the planning! And we`re going to Spain in about two weeks, can`t wait! So there will be more summery photos on EFED soon!

I always love to find out which outfit was your favourite of the month. So let me know in the comments!

1. Fashion Breeze
2. Sunny yellow
3. Pink flower shower
4. Fringe alert in desert
5. Zebra fringe

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