Pretty poncho

Do you see that smile on my face on the first photo? Click to the left and you can see where that smile came from… SHOPPING! We went to Utrecht to find the perfect curtains for our home and we decided to make a short stop to make some outfitphotos. Only to make the photos! But of course, I couldn`t resist walking into a few shops, under the guise of “I will only take a look!”. But what if you see the perfect jeans? You know the answer.. I bought it! Do you recognise the paper bag? I`ll show it soon! Now I`m wearing a new poncho. I have a thing for poncho`s lately, 3 new poncho`s are hanging in my closet and 2 more are on my wishlist. One with a red tartan print and a pricy one which I will probably keep on dreaming about. And why a poncho? Well, it`s playful, comfi, cozy and stylish. You can wear it as a sweater or wear it on your (leather) coat to keep warm.

What do you think of the poncho?
Trousers – Circle of Trust
Poncho – From Paris With Love (Bought it at Saint Tropez shop in Amersfoort)
Booties – Manfield

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