Red jumpsuit

After wearing this kickass red jumpsuit during a beautiful French wedding last weekend, I realized three things.
1. Drinking a lot of champagne and wearing this jumpsuit is not a good idea. (Between the lines: a lot of toilet visits where I needed someone to help me with the lacing at the back every single time.
2. Despite that summer is almost over I`m sooo happy that I choose to buy this one as latest summer item. I`m totally in love with it!
3. Because of realization two is one already forgotten

I’d told myself: do not buy anymore summer clothes. Summer is almost over and now it`s time to think autumn. And then I came across this beauty on the website of Zara. And of course you know in the meantime how I feel about colour, especially when the colour is as gorgeous as this raspberry red. And I have some extra great trips to the sun planned this winter, another reason to buy this delicious fashionfood! So, as you can see, I bought it.

When I showed this jumpsuit to a friend of mine the first thing that came to her mind was superman. Especially with the cape on the back. But I do not mind. I really like to be a supergirl, for a day.. or two.. or.. Okay you get it! We made these photos at the small harbor of Leerdam. Maybe I mentioned it before, but I love cute villages, with as many as possible mills, bridges, a robust wall and small harbors. They are just perfect to moon around, get some drinks and make some nice photos! It just feels like you`re in a small holiday village. What do you think of this look?

Jumpsuit – Zara
Sandals – Van dalen

Zitten 4 Achterkantje Closeup 1 Closeup 2 Staan 2

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