Ripped boyfriend jeans

For the first time in my life I`m wearing boyfriend jeans. And I still can`t believe it myself haha! First the dungarees and now the bf jeans. Who could have thought..? Not me! Lately I love to try items I wouldn`t pick out in the first place. Which has pleasantly surprised me several times. So I really wanted to try a bf jeans, but finding the right one is something else. Usually when I try a pair they look too tight, too loose or just odd altogether. I started to think that these jeans just simply were not a Wietske thing. Until I found this one at the Zara. I tried them on again and they’re looking so edgy. Wow! I really love the distressed look, the fit and the colour. I styled it up with a pair of heeled sandals, a basic top and my lace kimono.

By the way, what do you think of the photo location? It`s the famous bullfight arena of Ronda. However I`m totally against bullfighting, it`s such a cruel sport, I think this arena looks pretty cool. The Dutch “Wie is de mol” (a tv show where celebs play an intriguing game of who is the intruder) fans could also recognize it, a few years ago the final was here. What do you think of this look?

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