Shades of blue

I can`t think of any colour that captures the spirit of summer quite as good like blue does. Blue of the ocean, the bright sky, the swimming pool and even the colour of wine this summer. At least, if I have to believe the latest news. It started in Spain and then this wine trend flew over to other countries in Europe and they say it tastes like a good chardonnay. Hmm we should definitely try it this summer.

Anyway, back to the outfit! So, I have a thing for bright blue colours. And then suddenly I came against this cute suede skirt with the best shades of blue in it. In sale! Okay.. Yes I already have that skirt in another colour (burgundy), and I have a rule that I shouldn`t have two of the same items in my closet. But that burgundy skirt happened to be one of my favourite skirts. And this one is maybe even better, because of the beautiful blues. So what could I possibly do? Yes, I am a bit predictable. I suppose it`s not really that surprising that I simply couldn`t resist adding more amazing blue pieces to my wardrobe.

For today`s look, I combined this pretty Zara number, with a blue knitted sweater to give it a more easy-going, day-time appropriate vibe. I also added a blue hat and some sandals to this outfit. What do you think of this blue patchwork skirt? You can still find it here

CloseupLiggend detailsLopen 2 Closeup 1 Detail

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