Shades of green

The moment this post will go online I will be on my way to London! Sometimes it’s the anticipation of going on a holiday trip that makes me the happiest. But sometimes it`s fantastic when  a trip comes totally unexpected! A few days ago I heard that I was going to London with my boyfriend. He needed to go for work last minute. Yaaay! We only have one day for pleasure, but already that is really good news! Can`t wait to walk to the streets of London. Secretly I`m already dreaming about shopping at Victoria Secret. I really don`t get why we don`t have a shop in the Netherlands. (That little shop on Schiphol doesn`t count!) Who`s ever been at the London store?

Today I`ll show you a very cozy and warm outfit. I’ve had that sweater for years, but I still love it because of the bright green colours. I combine it with my green hat. Hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend!

Wietske Sluiter is the owner of "Eat fashion every day" She will inspire people with her personal style and fashion inspiration. She loves fashion & beauty, interior, travelling, high heels, lipstick & hats.

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