South Africa Impressions #1

After spending a week in South Africa, I realized two things. First, South Africa and I were made for each other and the other: I want to stay here so much longer!
Ahhh, time flies always so fast when you`re hoping with all your heart that the time will just stop ticking for a week or two. But we enjoyed it so much!

When I arrived in South Africa I had no idea of what laid ahead of me.. Digging amongst the whole collection of photos (just about 2000 pictures) I encountered a few special photos.. Those moments I`ll never forget. They will always have that special place in my memory. A big smile appears on my face. I see a photo with the most beautiful sunset and view I`ve ever seen in my life, another photo with a table set with nice wine and bites and.. champagne! Another photo with a big bonfire with the shadows of the love of my life and me, trying to make a heart with our arms. (failed shot!) Can you already guess? HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! And I said yes! So I`m engaged now! And that big smile? That will just not go away. So when you see me you have a real big change that you see me with that weird big smile around my lips, dreaming about the big wedding and how I`ll spend the rest of my life with him!

I decided to share a small selection of the best parts of our trip there, with today some first impressions with many loving photos (the animals joined us and also showed the affection to each other!). Hope you`ll like it.

SunsetTrue loveMonkey 2 Leeuw 15 Leeuw 12 Leeuw 8

Neushoorn 2Flamingo`sLeeuw 6

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  • Reply November 17, 2015


    Yessss, aanstaand bruidje!
    Dat wordt jurken shoppen!!!

  • Reply November 19, 2015


    Jaaaaa!!! Nogmaals van harte gefeliciteerd love birds!!
    Prachtige foto’s Wiets! Echt super om te zien

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