South Africa Impressions #2

Last week I told you about my love at the first sight for Africa and my big engagement news. I also shared my first selection of South African photos. Now it`s time to show you the second part. Actually it`s quite hard to tell everything in just two posts and to express those special feelings I felt all the time. We have seen so much, have been through so many unusual and indescribable moments. You should’ve just been there, or even better: you should go there! And soon! Okay, I`m going to try to explain our two weeks in a nutshell with some keywords.

Exploring the wild side of Africa, playing with baby lions, cuddling a cheetah until he starts purring, happy faces at the African market, making eye contact with a kudu, lying on your back in the middle of nowhere and seeing a shooting star, a big kiss from an elephant, a very welcome feeling in the family, seeing the wildlife from the helicopter, tasting crocodile and springbok for the first time, seeing the most amazing sunset in the world, hearing the lions roar a few meters next to you, seeing many baby animals like the baby lion, baby elephant baby giraffe and a baby rhino! (And hearing in the meantime that your baby niece has been born!) and seeing many special animals at the farm of the family, the golden zebra, the black giraffe and the golden wildebeest.

Fortunately we still have the memories.. Hope you like the photos! Have you ever been to South Africa?


Buffalo 1 Giraffe 5 Krokodil 2 Krokodil 6 Kudu 2 Monkey 1 Neushoorn 8Leeuw 11

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