Stained glass

The moment that you`re reading this, I`m probably lying in a hammock on the beach with a cocktail. Or I`m trekking through the jungle. Or enjoying the Filipino cuisine. Or… Don`t know what I`m doing at this moment, but one thing is sure. I`m enjoying life! Jealous? Okay okay, I should probably tell you about today`s outfit and I`ll tell you everything about our trip when we`re back!

A dress is always easy, you don`t have to think about unique combinations. You just grab it out of your closet, you add some accessoires and you`re ready. But that can also make it less versatile. One thing I learned by time is that you surely can wear the dress in different ways. A nice jacket or blazer can give the look a totally new appearance. But by adding a skirt or sweater, you can wear the dress as a skirt or top and it looks like you have a brand new item! So that was what I did in today`s outfitpost. I wore my stained glass dress again, but this time as a top on my dressy skirt. I paired it with my favourite heels and my bright blue beret to bring some extra colour to the grey day.

Hope you like it! And you see me back soon with my travel updates!

Skirt – Nikkie
Stained glass dress – Glamorous
Beret – Paris
Over the knee boots – Even & Odd

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