nikkie plessen

Pilaren staand 2

Flamingo fun

These photos are made on a cold drizzling rainy day. We had just half an hour to make some photos. And then it started…

Op pallets liggend 2

Mesh it up

Last week I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and mother-in-law. Like often I knew exactly what I was looking for. I know I…


“I bought it on sale, so I actually made money”

Can you believe that this post is starting in the same way as the post of last week’s outfit? Well,  close. Yes, I bought this skirt also just for 10 euros! I think I`m starting to learn how a sale can work for me. And that is not to grab in a whole pile of clothing while other girls are trying to pick the same top. No, I like sale shopping safely on the couch with a tablet on my lap and a drink in my hand. That is how I like it! This way I become a better and better sale hopper. But the sale is almost over. Fortunately I`m also good at new collection shopping!;) So I`m ready! And you? The skirt is from Coolcat, by the way! I was totally surprised when I saw it on Wendy van…