The philippines Impressions #2

I want to make memories all over the world

With the beautiful blue waters and the green landscapes around me, I just couldn`t stop smiling. Today I`m going to show you my second and latest selection of holiday snapshots. But there are still some outfits left I have to share with you, so you will see more of the Philippines coming your way.

We`ve spent our holiday on two different islands, Cebu, one of the main islands and a smaller one, Bohol. The most of the photos were taken on the smaller island. Here we fell in love with the small cute Tarsier, that looks like a little monkey with very big eyes and long fingers. The third finger is even longer than his entire arm! We also found ourselves amidst the greatest pride of Bohol, the Chocolate Hills. There are more than a 1000 hills and no one knows how they’ve originated. It was really nice and surreal to see. On the other photos you see more of the beaches, the palms, a happy kid and a sneak preview of next weeks outfit! I hope the photos bring some of the summerly magic vibe we experienced.

Second one 6 Second one 2 Second one 3

KidsSecond one 5


Second oneBeach 3b

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