Tunnel Vision

Here I am again, in a new bright coloured outfit.  I must admit that I had never worn this skirt before. Oops! I bought it last year in Seoul. So it was about time to wear it. I`m wearing it with my blue blouse from Zara. And blue wedges. About that… Research shows that most of men think it is the least attractive shoe trend!  Even more worse than Uggs and Crocs. Hmm do you understand them? Okay pumps are more elegant but wedges makes your legs longer too. Isn`t that what men like?
Apparently not. More than 70% want to burn our wedge sandals –not that we care about what they think of course-
They clearly haven`t tried spending a day standing in stiletto heels, and they never had the uncomfortable situation of the heel, stuck between the cobblestones! If they only knew…
So I continue to wear them! And I`m lucky, because my boyfriend likes them. Or at least says that he likes them 😉

In a few days I`m going to Tuscany. I will try to post now and then, but you`ll definitely see me again in two weeks. And finally, I have an Instagram account! So you can follow me there, then you definitely will see previews of my outfit posts and of course the sunny holiday photos!


Wietske Sluiter is the owner of "Eat fashion every day" She will inspire people with her personal style and fashion inspiration. She loves fashion & beauty, interior, travelling, high heels, lipstick & hats.

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